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Golden Sayings

The Golden Sayings of Sree Chattambi Swamikal/Thus spake........

There is only one mind for the entire world

  • Thought should precede every action of yours.   
  • Avoid boastful thoughts about your physical achievements and material accumulations. Contemplate over the ultimate reality of existence. That alone will give meaning to life
  • The whole universe is the manifestation of the one. The apparent differences between different objects are only an illusion. An understanding of this truth will lead to liberation and salvation.
  • Light a lamp; set a bowl of fragrand flowers before it; fix the image of the goddess in your mid; gently and tunefully chant the thousand names of Devi Lalitha. And no wish of yours will remain unfuifilled.  

Vegetarianism............ Non-violence  

  • Eschew eating the flesh of dead creatures. 
  • Living organisms have been created to be loved, not eaten. 
  • Vegetarians are perhaps not totally non-violent. But they are certainly a few notches above the flesh-eaters in the ladder of non-violence.   

Non-vegetarianism is good neither for the mind nor for the intellect, nor even of the body.   

  • Saints and spiritual masters have invariably advocated vegetarianism.
  • Non-vegetarianism distorts the basic character of man. 
  • This universe is the manifestation of but one mind. Alienation between one mind and another mind is unnatural. The mind of man is in no way different from the mind of any other creature. 
  • Love an insect, and it can be seen that it reciprocates. 
  • Salvation is the ultimate outcome of non-violence.   

Equality.............. Caste System  

  • Discrimination between man and man? It is high time that we tossed those imagined differences between man and man into the Arabian sea .  


  • Knowledge is as essential for human existence as food. Nobody should be denied access to knowledge.


  • Supremacy of woman over man is an unquestionable fact. 
  • Enslavement of woman is a manifestation of male arrogance. It is against all canons of justice and ethics. It is criminal, immoral.
  • Woman cannot be fettered by any power in the world. She is the symbol of the creative force and the presiding diety of the universe.


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