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Future Plans

A Comprehensive Blue print of Development and Rejuvenation of Panmana Asramam (A brief sketch of the proposed project is given below for your information)

1. Annapoornanilayam.

The number of devotees who congregate here on almost all days of the year from the far and near is on steady increase . It has been in the privilege of the Asram to provide them food. The ever-increasing number of devotees who partake to this ‘Annadanam’ makes it imperative that our kitchen-complex and dining hall are enlarged and better equipped. The proposed ‘Annapoornanilayam’ is meant to fulfill this requirement.

2.Theerthapada kuteer

The Asramamites and other Devotees have been engaged in the study of, and research in, the principles of Sanathana Dharma and the noble teachings of Chattambi Swamikal. As scholars and researchers, they deserve to be comfortably accommodated so that their spiritual and academic pursuits are carried on in congenial environments. Along with this we wish to provide interaction in all religions to bring about the peace and harmony, the essence of all religions. The Theerthapada Kuteer is to meet this long felt need.

3. Prayer hall

The proposed prayer hall will have facilities for yoga and meditation also. 

4. Saraswathi nilayam (Computerised library and research centre)

This structure is meant to house books and other modern research materials which have a bearing on the religio – spiritual content of Indian culture with a universal perspective, state-of-the-art equipments to help scholars in imbibing and disseminating the teachings of Swamikal as also in carrying on research in them will be a part of this library complex. 

5. Maintenance of the old building

For the realisation of our projects as spelt out above, and also for carrying out urgently needed maintenance work on existing structures, a minimum sum of Rs. Hundred lakhs is required. Your participation in the development of Asramam and the convenience of visiting is sure to earn for you the blessing of Swami Thiruvadikal and Goddess Thripurasundari. 


  • Renovation of Swamiji’s Samadhi mandapam
  • Mission centers on Swamiji’s “Jeevakarunyam Philosophy” world wide
  • Cultural center
  • Synergy Research center for Ayurveda, allopathic, Homeo& Sidha
  • Center to preserve traditional local practices in medical knowledge methods & practices.
  • Implementation of existing “animal care centers” at different locations
  • Development of existing Indological study center
  • Mahatma Gandhi Study Center
  • Renovation of the founder of Asramam Sri.Kumbalath Sanku Pillai smarakam
  • Sri Vidyadhiraja Deemed University for Arts & Science
  • Mental health center
  • Orphanage
  • Center for mentally retarded
  • Center for blind, dumb and dough
  • Development of cottage indus

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