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Social Work

Social Work

Educational aid for talented & financially backward children

“Like air and water, acquiring knowledge is a birth right of the human being, don’t deny it “
– sri.chattambi swamigal

  • Due to poverty & social backwardness, there are many talents in our society whose opportunties for higher education is amiss and therfore the society miss abundance of excellence too for the nation.
  • Understanding the requirements of these children and their fundamental right to have reputed life like other children, panmana asramam has intitiated a project to ‘help’ the needy and deserving with the support of many likelyminded personalities and organisations to rehabilitate, empower and encourage them build as models for the nation.
  • The process of identifying “such” children is a difficult task and therefore we comtemplate the following pattern and selection criteria with the active support  of the media, ngo’s involved in child welfare activities and other available sources.

Selection criteria

  • Children must fall under ‘bpl’ catogery
  • Children must be students from 1st standard to 4th standard
  • In addition to academic performance, the childern must also to have talents in other extra curricular activities
  • The parents should have full hearted support and co-operation towards the asramam for the entitre period of their children’s education under this scheme

Method of education

  • Children will have to stay at the asramam hostel through out their educational period
  • Children will be enrolled at the  nearest available school from the asramam
  • In addition to the normal school education, asramam will provide adequate opportunities to the children to develop and mold their other talents like arts, sports, literature and others
  • Value based education in personality development and civic sense modulation
  • Without enforcing religious fundamentalism, spiritual and moral education will be a part of the curriculam


  • Brilliant children will be given the best possible higher education  viz. Medicine, engineering, it, bio-tech and various professional  courses
  • Education, food, health care and accommodation will be provided for those who are selected
  • A team of professionals in the field of  education, health, psychology, arts, sports and sociology will help the students to become role models for the society
  • State of the art education facilities will be provided through out the period of education

 Other conditions

  • The first four years of education of each student will be monitored by the expert committee of the asramam and based on the performance of each student under this scheme will be analysed for higher studies
  • Non-competant students will be sent back to their parent school. Subject to conditions, this catogery of students may be considered for limited financial assistance for a certain period and this will not be entertained as the right to claim for any compensation
  • Students who violate the rules of the hostel and/or the educational instuitution will be subject to desciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel or educational institution as decided by the educational institution. 

Any Individual or Organization who are willing to sponsor students may kindly contact us.


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