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Jeevakarunnya Asramam


Livestock of India are reared in close human proximity where they form component of the life system of the people. Kerala State is noted for the large number of cattle that are slaughtered or abandoned. It is one of the few states where cow slaughter has not been banned.

Through Jeevakarunnyam (Kindness towards living beings) Scheme we are mainly creating a Rescue and rehabilitation centre in which we will take in as many animals as we are capable of that are abandoned or destined to slaughter-houses, old, sick and uncared and nurse them back to good health, feed and keep them in reasonable comfort until their natural death.

This project is being promoted and executed jointly by Mr Gopala B Pillai, (a person of Indian origin, now resident and citizen of the USA) and Panmana Asramam.

Sree Chattambi Swamikal(1852 – 1924)

A geat soul and an equally brilliant mind, Sree Chatambi Swamigal was a remarkable spiritual peripatetic who lived in  Kerala from 1853 to 1924. With his abundant love for all, he created a new era in spiritual regeneration. His work on Universal Compassion (Jeevakarunnya Niroopanm) is a literary expression of the way he lived. He extols the virtue of Ahimsa not as an ideal but as a natural development of the inner self. He abhorred all killing of animals and the eating of meat. To Him ahimsa is the highest of value to be cherished by man. To kill a living thing is tantamount to blocking the nature’s design of evolution, he says. The horizon of his life extended to the utmost bonds of creation. The humblest creatures like dogs and ants were his brothers. Even wild animals became docile before Swamikal. “Never hurt animals” “If you love them truly they will also love you.”This is his great message. “There is only one mind for the entire world” is his ultimate Vision. His great contribution to the human beings becomes more relevant after the ‘modern’ life of today.

Prime objectives

The Scheme’s main objective is Create facilities, in association with like-minded person, persons or bodies of persons, to induct and take care of as many as possible of all manner of animals and birds that are abandoned, ill-treated, sickly, dying or destined to slaughterhouses for economic or other reasons and provide reasonably comfortable life, sustenance, medical attention and care to such creatures as service to God and in the pursuit of the teachings and life of Chattambi Swamikal.”

The main and compassionate objective of the Scheme is to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted animals. But it will also help to solve a vexing problem. Street dogs are multiplying and becoming a major factor in the spread of disease and squalor in our cities and villages. Local bodies are unable to catch and restrain them for a variety of reasons. Our intention is to take in such abandoned animals and look after them as part of the project. We will neuter and give animals medical attention and food to keep them off the streets.

The sponsors of this Scheme are building and operating the Jeeva-karunnya-asramam where they intend to care of as many unfortunate animals and birds as they can. They also wish to do this in a manner that encourages people not to mistreat any creature and also to set up similar projects and propagate animal protection in an extensive manner.

 Areas of operation

At the heart of the “Jeevakarunyasramam” is an animal and birds shelter that will house

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