Sri Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swami, a well known spiritual master and one of the leading voices in Kerala’s renaissance, attained Maha Samadhi in Panmana village in the year 1924. The Maha Samadhi temple to honour him was built by Sri Kumbalathu Shanku Pillai, founder of Panmana Ashram. The temple has shown signs of wear and tear and calls our attention to renovate. And a renovation plan has been approved by the management as part of Panmana Ashram’s expansion and development.

The proposed renovation includes the construction of a temple shaped like a Sri Chakra. Inspired by the original drawing by Chattambi Swamikal himself as presented to a devotee to worship, the temple is designed by a group of architects and Vastu experts. It will reach a maximum height of 71 feet symbolisig the 71 years of Swami’s life.  It will house  the Samadhi shrine, Devi Shrine and the shrine of Swami’s statue and belongings. The whole complex will become anew with the perfectly blending architecture and natural beauty around.And in lieu with the Swami’s life and vision, it shall be open to one and all, welcoming them to a world of peace and serenity. The eatimated cost of the said project is deemed to be about 100,000,000 rupees.

The committee for the maha Samadhi renovations seeks support and cooperation to complete this project in a befitting manner. Donations to this end will be exempted under section 80-C of Income Taxes.


Vasthu Consultant Sri. Kanippayyoor
Krishnan Namboothiripad

Phone: 9447201654
Kanippayyoor Mana, Kunnamkulam
Pin: 680503
Phone: 04885-222654
Architect/Engineer Aswani Kumar.G
Drafting/3D modeling Mr. Majo Kurien
Voyage Engineers,
Vyttila, Kochi.
Phone: 9745640027, 0484000086
Structural Engineer Mr. K. Krishna Kumar
ASC-Associate Structural Consultant.
Phone: 9447390675, 0484-2203098
Souparnika, 38/25476,
Chemmath Road, Kochi 682017